Christmas Advent Calendar

I do an amazing job at looking at peoples' blogs, getting ideas, thinking about doing their idea, and not following through with the idea. I have been wanting a Christmas advent calendar. I have looked around in stores and couldn't find anything that appealed to my eyes or taste. I goggled "Christmas advent calendars" and got the idea to make one from a muffin tin. The most amazing part about it is that I got the idea Wednesday and completed the project two days later! It was a very fun project.

Here is how I made my Christmas advent calendar:

1. I bought a 24 cup muffin pan from Walmart for 4 dollars.
2. I bought sheets of magnetic paper from Hobby Lobby.
3. I bought cute Christmas paper, stickers, and embellishments.
4. I cut 24 squares that were 2 1/4 inches.
5. I glued the paper squares to the magnetic paper and cut out the squares again.
6. I used punched out circles to put number stickers (1-24).
7. I inked the edges of the circles and squares.
8. I added embellishments to some of the squares.
9. My amazing husband drilled holes on the top of the pan so that I could thread ribbon to hang it on the wall.

You can put treats in each cup. I am going to put a piece of paper that has something for us to do for the day. Such as bake cookies, watch a Christmas movie, look at Christmas lights, make hot chocolate, etc.......

The finished project, hanging on my wall.

Craft Night- Believe

My Aunt Jan invited me to go with her to a craft night to make signs that say "Believe." It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot too. It especially felt good to finish a project in one sitting.

Pumpkin Dinner

Here is our dinner Garrett and I ate on Halloween. We cleaned out the inside of the pumpkin and through in all kinds of delicious food.

Bone Bread sticks

I went to my friend's house for a Halloween party. I made bread sticks for our dinner. I tied the ends of the bread sticks into knots so that it would look like a bone. The only problem was that I let the bread rise too long so they got a little big. They tasted good though.

Halloween Rice Krispy Treats

I wanted to make a treat so I decided to spice up rice krispy treats. After making a normal batch of rice krispy treats I cut them into rectangles. I dipped them into melted white chocolate and sprinkled them with Halloween sprinkles. We gave them to the families Garrett home teaches (people from church) so we only got to eat one each. But what we did eat tasted delicious.