Wedding Shadow Box

I made a wedding shadow box that includes my wedding announcement, Garrett and I walking out of the Temple, bubbles that were blown at us as we left our reception, a bag of kisses from our reception, a letter M for Mattson, and other random decor.

The picture quality is really poor and it makes the shadow box not look nearly as cute, but you get the idea.

Christmas Count Down

I bought blocks a while ago to make a Christmas count-down. I mod-podged Christmas paper to all the sides of the blocks. My mom is letting me use her Cricut for a while so I cut out numbers to put on my Christmas count-down. I haven't finished this project yet because I need to figure out the lettering for how I want the bottom part to look. I guess that will have to wait until next year.

Christmas centerpiece

After making the wreath, I had left over pinecones and ribbon. So I decided to use what I had to make my house more Christmasy. I put some pinecones into a vase, cut up some ribbon to mix with the pinecones, and then tied a bow around the vase.

Christmas Wreath

This Thanksgiving Garrett's sisters and I got together to make homemade wreaths.

Gluing beautiful items onto the wreath.
Kami is an expert at making beautiful bows.

The finished products.

Picture Holders

My brother, Jacob, is on a mission. I sent him a Christmas package. It is so hard to come up with gifts to give him that will be easy to pack around and that aren't just food. I decided to make him picture holders. They were so simple to make. You just take paper clips (I am not sure if that is the correct name for them). Then I cut out paper that would cover the front, bottom, and back of the base of the clip. I then used double sided tape to stick the paper to the clips. That's all! An easy gift that is small to ship in the mail. Now Jacob has a way to display some pictures, notes, etc.