Cat in the Hat

At the school where I work, we have a Halloween parade.  That means I have to figure out what to dress up as every year.  The tricky part is coming up with a costume that the kids will know who or what I am.  I hate spending money on costumes that I will just wear once.  This costume cost me a whole $2.50!  It was a huge hit.  The best part was wearing it during the evening while trick-or-treaters came to our home.  Their reactions and comments were priceless.  I think they enjoyed seeing the costume more than getting the candy.  

Gloves from Michaels: $1.00 

 Hat: I already had the hat

Felt: $1.50
Bow: I cut felt and then hot glued the bow together.

Shirt: I already had a black long sleeve shirt and an old white shirt.
I just cut out my old white shirt and sewed it onto the black shirt. 

Tail: I just rolled up a piece of felt and the sewed it together.

Black Pants and shoes: Already had

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  1. Wow that is too cute of a costume. Love it! and love that it was super cheap to put together!