Simple Christmas gifts

Christmas comes way too fast each year.  I always am so busy shopping for presents, decorating the house, going to holiday parties, and enjoying all of the Christmas time activities. It can often be overwhelming.  It is important to find time to relax and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.  Here are a few gift ideas that are thoughtful, don't drain the bank account, and are simple. 

1.  Gift: Snuggle fabric softener.
    Message: " Snuggle Up!  It's cold out there!  May your home be filled with Warmth and Love this Special Season."

2. Gift for ladies I visit teach:
               * Gloves: "To warm your hands"
               *Candy cane: "Wishing you a heartfelt and warm Holiday"
               *Visiting teaching message: "To warm your heart"
                * Hot cocoa: "To warm your tummy"
         I also put in a recipe book from Relief Society
       The container is a number 10 can spray painted red with a belt made out of felt.  Here are more details on the can and how to make inexpensive Christmas centerpieces.

3. Gift for the parents who volunteer in my classroom.
Gift: Soap and Lotion
Message: "Thank you for your HELPING HANDS.  Have a wonderful Holiday Season.

4. Gift: Chapstick
Message: Hope this chapstic is dandy when the mistletoe is handy.

5. Gift: Bubblegum
Message: "Blowing Christmas Wishes Your Way!"

6.  Gift: Kleenex, chapstick, hand sanitizer, EmergenC, and any other "health" items you want
     Message: We "tissue" a Merry Christmas and "healthy" New Year!"

Check out some other great gift ideas here.

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