Embroidery Floss Easter Eggs

Need a cheap idea for an Easter decoration?  
You have come to the right spot.These embroidered Easter eggs look great in a basket on display.  

What you will need:
* Plastic Easter eggs
* Glue gun
* Embroidery thread

I hot glued the eggs so that they wouldn't open.  Then I started at the tip of the egg and put a glob of hot glue.  I wrapped the thread around.  I found that it is easiest to wrap from the smallest point of the egg to the fattest part.  Once I got halfway, I stopped wrapping and cut the thread.  Then I started at the other tip of the egg and wrapped until I got to the middle where the other thread ended.  

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Easter Banner

Paint Chip Easter Egg Banner

I love decorating for Holidays, but with such a small house I don't have much storage space.  For now, I try to keep my decorations small, simple, and that won't take up a lot of storage space.  This Easter banner does just that.  It is so simple and all levels of crafters can do it. 

This project cost me $00.00!  I went to Lowes and got a bunch of paint chips.  I focused on getting Easter colored paint chips.  I then decided on what size Easter eggs I wanted and made a pattern. I traced the egg, making sure the white line was in the middle of the egg., cut, and then punched two small holes on the top of the egg.  I used embroidered floss that I had at home to string the eggs together.  

I love how it turned out.  It adds a lot of color to my house.  

In addition to a banner, I made a door Happy Easter sign.  I threaded the embroidery thread behind the Easter eggs and used scrapbooking stickers I had to write Happy Easter.

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