Costco Samples!!!! Margarita Chill

Garrett and I went to Costco with the intent of running in to buy a shirt and leaving. First of all, they no longer had the shirt we were going to get. We saw some sample stations that we just couldn't pass up. Who doesn't love Costco Samples???????????? I don't know about you, but I never buy the items that I sample, or at least never had in the past. I often question whether or not they benefit from giving out samples. This Saturday they were not only giving samples (small amount) , but full size Creamies.
Creamies are my favorite. They now have new flavors- peach and raspberry.
We tasted some other samples, none that were too great. There was one though, that was delightful to our taste buds. It was a margarita slushy drink. Don't worry, alcohol free. The old lady that was making the samples made sure everyone was aware that there was no alcohol. Garrett and I loved the drink so much that we couldn't pass up buying the margarita drink flavor. It cost 7 dollars for two bottles.

To make the irresistible drink you need to remember the number 2!!!
- 2 cups margarita mix
- 2 cups ice
- 2 cups vanilla ice cream

We also decided to experiment by mixing some strawberries in with the slushy drink. It tasted great too!

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