11 Layer Bean Dip

I wanted to make something that I have never made before and after looking in the fridge I thought it would be fun to throw together a bean dip. As I continued to take things out of the cupboard and refrigerator I realized that it was going to be lots of layers. After making the dip I was worried that I made too much--- wrong. It was eaten in 2 days. Don't worry, we had some helpers.

Layer 1: Refried beans mixed with taco seasoning
Layer 2: Cream cheese mixed with green chiles
Layer 3: Cheese
Layer 4: Salsa
Layer 5: Green Peppers
Layer 6: Olives
Layer 7: Onions
Layer8: Green onions
Layer 9: Tomatoes
Layer 10: Lettuce
Layer 11: Sour Cream

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