Baby Boy Mattson

We are excited to announce that we are expecting our first little one September 22nd!  Garrett and I are very excited.  We are ready to start our next Big Adventure.  

Almost as excited, are my 2nd grade kiddos.  They are constantly bringing up my baby.  Today one of my students walked into the classroom and said, "Mrs. Mattson, you're big!"  Later on in the day, another student said, "Whoa!  Look at Mrs. Mattson's stomach.  It's getting big."  I love that they speak their mind and they love having a "baby" in our classroom. 

I had my students vote on whether they thought I was having a boy or girl.  19 voted for a baby girl and 6 for a baby boy.  To reveal the baby's gender to my students I put kool-aid and sugar in a pitcher.  They then watched as I poured water into the pitcher to see if it would turn pink or blue.  Their reactions were cute.  


When they found out I didn't have a name for our little guy yet, they graciously helped me out by writing lists of names. Here are just a few of those names:
PJ, James, Blake, Jake, Erik, Christian, Richard, Ben, Benito, Travis, Patrick, Ollie, Jon, Nathan, David, Josh, Drake, Graham, Anthony, Connor, Sean, Carson, Jordan, Parker, Aniconda, Lebran, Hunter, Junior, Simon, Michael, Jeremy, Rymys, Zakery, Potter, Bigum, Geronimo, Stek, Tom, Spike, Sam, Wesley, Devin, Nick, Pizza, Timothy, Peder, Spot, Giraffe, Shiloh, Mike, Justin, Chris, Brian, Lukis, Luewis, George, Stanley, Max, Damen, Jr., Diego, Buddy, Edster, Franke, Scot, Timmy, Flecherd, Jakeson, Mason, Stefon, Jadin, Martin, Jasin, Harry Potter, Tony, Jesse, Eric, Eddie, Kalub, Cody, Alexzander, Coda, Benjemin, Adam, Alfonzo, Xander, Astin, Andy, Brain, Stan, Kent, Dilan, Caden, Skyler, Jeremy, Lionel, Arture, Stilton, Willy, Rocky, Fin, Julien, Simon, Thedor, Alvin, Davin, Drake, Rodrick, Aladin, Javar, Braxton, Tintin, Cemone, Ethan, Colon, Nephi, Jim, Joe, and Jeff.  
What do you think?  

Cake Balls: Boy or Girl?  Take a bite.


I have lots of projects I can now start!  Let the fun begin.