Santa Handprint Ornaments

Every year for a family tradition we want to have our children make a Christmas ornament.  It is tough coming up with ornaments that a newborn can participate in.  This is the perfect ornament for small children to make or help with.

Step 1:  Make the salt dough:
            * 1/2 cup salt
             * 1/2 cup flour
             * 1/4 cup water (a little more or less)
          Knead until dough forms.
Step 2: Trace infant's/child's hand on a piece of cardboard.  Cut out cardboard hand.
Step 3: Roll dough flat and place cardboard hand on top.
Step 4: Trace around the hand with a knife.
Step 5: Poke a hole in the palm of the hand with a straw or pencil.
Step 6: Bake the hand on a cookie sheet at 200 degrees for 2-3 hours.
Step 7: Paint
Step 8: Put some ribbon through the hole and hang.

Enjoy the reminder of how little your kids once were as you hang the Christmas ornaments on the tree each year.

You can also give these ornaments as a gift with this poem:
"This is to remind you when I grow so tall that once I was quite little and my hands were very small."


  1. These are precious!! I need to make some of these while my kids hands are still sort of small!

  2. aww those are so adorable! I will have to remember to do this one day when I have kids. What a cool thing to have to hang on your tree