So I am a huge fan of cooking and baking. I really want to create a recipe book that has pictures in it. I have taken a few pictures of things I have made lately.

My Classroom

I have spent many hours trying to get my class organized and inviting for my second graders. Here is what it looked like as of three weeks ago. I am constantly trying to get it more organized and cute. If you can't tell, my classroom has a theme of monkeys.

I finally joined the blogging world!

I finally decided to join the blogger world. I have been wanting to start blogging for a while, but have never found the time to figure out how it works. We will see if I actually am able to keep my blog updated.

I just finished my third week of teaching 2nd grade. Each day I feel more prepared to teach and feel more capable of teaching. Last Wednesday and Thursday I had parent teacher conferences, which meant I worked from 7:30 am to 8:30 pm. Although I worked long days, it was very enjoyble. It is great getting to know my students' families and be able to better understand my students' personalities. I have 23 students, 14 boys and 9 girls. They all have a lot of energy and love talking. I am starting to figure my students out and how to get them behaving how they should be.