Super Duper Incredible Stain Remover (Does wonders on Baby Spit Up and Blowouts)

I have seen many of my friends in the past post on Facebook, asking for advice on how to remove spit up stains out of baby clothes that looked fine until unpacking them after being stored from a previous child.  With baby boy number 2 on the way I unpacked all of our baby boy clothes and examined them closing before throwing them into the wash.  To my surprise, I had the same problem as many of my friends.  I had 25 pieces of adorable clothing stained with yellow spots from spit up.  I figured there had to be a way to get rid of these unsightly stains and there is!  I wasn't confident that this super duper incredible stain remover would work, but I am here to testify that it does.  It works wonders on stored baby clothes.  There was no trace of any stains after using the stain remover and washing the clothes.   Since baby boy is now born and has many blowouts, I always have this stain remover on hand.  The minute a blowout happens I use a toothbrush to rub this super duper stain remover on the stain.  The stain may not be completely removed before putting it in the wash, but once it has been through the washing machine, it goes away.

Ingredients and Recipe:
Mix together:
* 1 teaspoon blue dawn dish soap
* 2 Tablespoons baking soda
* 4 Tablespoons hydrogen peroxide.
Spoon a little amount of the stain remover onto the stain.  Rub it with a toothbrush or finger.  The stain will still be there.  Let the stain remover sit for at least an hour.  I left the stain remover sit on the clothes overnight and washed it like normal.  I was worried to dry the clothes in the dryer to set in any stains that weren't removed so I hung dried the clothes.  However, all the stains came out, so I could have dried the clothes in the dryer.

Technically, it is best to have this stain remover fresh and not store it for long periods of time.  But, be a busy mom, I don't have time to make the solution each time I need to use it.  I just make a big batch and store it and I haven't had problems with it not working.

Picture of stain remover on the clothes.
After Picture