Ribbon organization

I absolutely love ribbon!  It's a great way to spice up anything.  While ribbon is so cute, fun, pretty, etc., it can be so messy.  Here's a solution to that messy problem.  

 Materials needed:
* Pencils
* Pencil erasers
* Ribbon

Put a pencil through the holes of ribbon spools.  Cap the pencils off with an eraser.  Wallah!  You're done.  Such a quick and easy organizational project!

 This makes it so easy to look at your selections of ribbon.

Garden fresh salsa

One of my favorite parts about the summer time is fresh gardens!  I love picking fresh vegetables and bringing them into my kitchen to make a delicious garden fresh meal.  One of my favorite things to make from the garden is SALSA
It's so easy and very difficult to make a bad batch of salsa.   

 Here is how to make a fresh batch of salsa:
*  The ingredients are really up to you:
       - Tomatoes
       - Onions
       - Jalapenos
       - Green peppers
       - Cilantro
       - Corn
       - Black beans ( I didn't put them in this batch)
* Dice up the tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and green peppers.  Use scissors to cut up the cilantro.  Put in     corn and black beans from a can.
*  Mix all the ingredients and then add some seasonings. Every time I make this salsa I change up the seasoning(s).
     - Italian dressing, chili powder, onion powder, lemon juice

I saw these chips at the store and couldn't pass them up.
Tostitos Hint of Lime chips are soooooooooooooo delightful with homemade salsa.  If you haven't had these before they are a must.  

Surprise Gift Pouches

Have you ever had a Kinder Surprise?  They are so fun!  Inside the chocolate egg you will find a surprise toy.    
Kinder Surprises can be a little pricey and difficult to get your hands on.  Surprise gift pouches are similar to the Kinder Surprise because you never know what's in the pouch until you open it up.  This is a great way to give gifts/surprises for any occasion!  You can give them as a party favor, stocking stuffer, thank you card, gift, and the list goes on and on.  I made a variety of surprise gift pouches to send to my brother.

1. ) Put two pieces of paper together and cut out a shape.  You can use a paper grocery bag, decorative paper, or wrapping paper.  

 2. Sew around the edge of the paper.

 3. Leave space!  When sewing, stop before you get to the end so you are able to put your candy or item into the pouch and then finish sewing.

Be creative with your pouches!
* Make a variety of shapes:
           -hearts, stars, triangles, rectangles, Christmas tree, stocking, pumpkin, clover, balloon.
* Use bright colors of thread
* Use fun sissors

Below are a variety of ways to make surprise gift pouches:

Thank you card
Sew a smaller piece of paper onto a larger piece of paper and fill it with candy.  
Then write a thank you note on the back.  

Envelope Pouch
Sew an envelope so that it is easier to open up.

Three surprises in one!


Who wouldn't love to get a surprise like this?