Happy Birthday Decoration

For the longest time I have wanted to display something cute in my classroom  for my students' birthdays. I finally finished a project that will look adorable in my class.  This idea came from "The Wood Connection" but I made a few changes to fit my personality and style.

Supplies needed:
* Wood- I purchased the wood from The Wood Connection 
* 5 different designs of paper
* Vinyl lettering
* Paint and brush
* Ribbon
* Mod podge



After sanding the wood, my husband helped out by using his air compressor to get rid of all the dust.

I watered down brown paint and painted all the sides of the smaller pieces of wood.
 It took me a while to find the perfect paper to mount on the wood, but I finally found it at Hobby Lobby.
 I traced and cut out the paper.

    I wanted an antique look so I rubbed brown chalk around the edges of the paper.
 I painted the base (birthday) board blue.  It was a little too blue for my liking so I watered down more brown and rubbed and smeared the paint around the corners.
 After painting, I mod podged the paper onto the boards.  I waited for the paper to dry and then put a top coat of mod podge.
Then I cut out vinyl with my cricut and put the letters onto the blocks.
               Paint the balloons and then you can tie and curl ribbon around them.

The finished project.  I can't wait for upcoming birthdays!


  1. That is soooo cute! I love all of your crafts!

  2. That is really great! I can see that becoming a family heirloom!

    Cheers from your latest follower,

    Heather @ http://fakeitfrugal.blogspot.com/

  3. This is so cute, where did you get the vinyl letters? I am having a hard time finding some. Thanks!

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  4. I cut out the letters with my cricut.

  5. I just wanted to let you know that I pinned these blocks a long time ago on my Pinterest. It is probably my most frequently repinned pin. It has been repinned over 250 times. They are a hit! :) I just thought you might like to hear that little bit of good news!

  6. what are the measurements of the blocks? how long/short did you cut them...and what size is the base?