5-strand t-shirt bracelet

 I had two girls (age 7 and 12) over to my house the other day.  I wanted to teach them how to do something crafty so I decided to teach them how to make a 5-strand t-shirt headband.  But then I thought bracelets would look really cute too.  After giving the girls the option they both decided on the bracelets.  The girls did a great job making them.  These bracelets are made the same way that you make the headband, only you make it smaller to fit a wrist.  Check out the instruction on how to make these bracelets or a headband.

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  1. Lindsay!! i miss you so much! I wish I was there with you making all these fun crafts, and fun recipes, and couponing with you!!! You are such a cute little wifey! I hope to see you soon!