Not the average white binder

About 2 months ago I was shopping with an envelop full of coupons. I had to scramble to find the coupons I needed. It was quite the seen. My coupons were in my basket, falling onto the floor, and bulging in my pockets. This wasn't even the terrible part. My mind was frantically trying to figure out what the heck I was doing. At the same time I was trying to get my coupons in order, I was also trying to not draw any attention to myself. After a few trips to stores with this type of experience and feeling, I decided I needed a change. At this point I didn't want to use another coupon in my life. I had a hard time giving it up because I had seen and heard of so many people getting unbelievable deals. Being one who doesn't give up easily, I decided to give coupons another shot. I got myself a binder, sheet protectors, and baseball card protectors. Next, I printed off some handy coupon dividers that helped me organize my coupons oh, so nicely! I can't even explain to you how great of a change this was. Although it took some time to get my binder organized, it has saved me tons of time in the stores. Now I don't stand around in the store chaotically going through coupons. I am able to confidently turn to the page that the coupon is in, take it out, and move on. This makes my time in the store shopping to a bare minimum.

More than just a white binder...
Easy to find the coupons you need- put them in the right
section and they are ready to be used, when you are
A page dedicated to each type of item
Baseball card holder pages are perfect for holding coupons
Take it with you shopping, you never know the amazing deals you will find

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