Braided T-shirt Headband

I got this idea from Make it and love it. She has so many great ideas on her blog. It's amazing how talented some ladies are. I have a bunch of old t-shirts in my craft closet so I took them out and started making headbands. If you want very clear instructions on how to make these headbands go here.

1. Cut five 2 inch strips that are twice the length of your head. 2 inch strips make a thicker headband. If you want a thinner headband, made thinner strips.
2. Sew (by hand or machine) the 5 strips together.

3. Pull the strips so they stretch out and curl a little on the edges.
4. Braid away (it's like braiding 2 braids together)
5. Once you reach the end sew the end of the braid. You want the braid to fit around your head, with a pull. You don't want it too loose or too tight.
6. Sew the two sides together. I did this by hand.

7. Take a rectangular piece of fabric to cover up the "mess" of the two sides of the braid meeting.
8. Wear it! Give it as a gift!


  1. your hair is getting so long and beautiful!! i love reading about all your fun crafts and recipes!

  2. I like this craft. A lot. All my old tshirts im trying to find someone to make me a quilt though :-/ well..i'll keep hunting for an old tshirt to do this with :)