"Little Man" Baby Shower

Disclaimer:  I am posting this a year and a half after I started this post.

I am an aunt! I still haven't met the little cutie.  But can't wait to.  To welcome the little guy and celebrate with my sister-in-law we threw her a baby shower.  We had the theme "Little Guy."

1. I used my friend's Cricut to cut out ties and letters to make a "Welcome Little Man" Sign.

Food/ Utensils:
1. Napkins/Forks: I wrapped forks in napkins to make them look like bow ties.  I placed a fork on a square napkin, wrapped the napkin around the fork, and then put a piece of ribbon around the middle of the fork.  To attach the ribbon I used zots (sticky dots).

We added paper bow ties to glasses.  

We played a few games.  One of the games was to smell the baby foods and guess what flavor the baby food ways.