A week ago Garrett and I made the most delicious doughnuts. They are so addicting. I am warning you ahead of time, that you may become addicted to these tasty things. They are so simple and so good.

Ingredients: Biscuits, cinnamon and sugar, and oil! Yup, that's all!

Directions: Put vegetable oil in a pan and cook it on medium heat. Meanwhile, use a small circle cutter (we used the top of the oil container) to cut holes out of the middle of the biscuits. We also tried making bigger doughnuts but they don't cook as well. Put the dough in the oil and it will cook quickly. Keep an eye on the dough and once it gets a golden color flip it over and cook the other side. Take out the doughnut once it is no longer doughy. Lay the doughnuts on a towel to get rid of excess oil and then roll the doughnuts in cinnamon and sugar. Then enjoy with a glass of milk.

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