Hair clips

Wherever I go these days I see clips, bows, headbands, and flowers in babies, toddlers, kiddos, teenagers, young adults, and moms' hair. However, I have yet to see a grandma wearing these fancy decorations in their hair. I have seen all different sizes of these flowers/bows in hairs -- tiny bows on newborns' head (no hair) all the way to little girls wearing bows 3/4 the size of their head.
I decided to experiment with making hair accessories.

Materials needed:
* Flowers
* Hair clips (from craft store)
* Hot glue gun
* Decorative Brads
* Stylin' ribbon

Here's how:
1. Select and stack your favorite combination of flower blossoms.
2. Insert brad through flower centers.
3. Insert brad through the decorative side of ribbon 1 1/2'' from end. Flatten brad legs.
4. With hot glue, adhere the clip on back of flower, centered with flat side up.
5. Apply hot glue to short end of ribbon and fold to inside of open clip.
6. Apply hot glue to longer end of ribbon and wrap in and out of clip handle.
7. Clip your new flower in your hair, on your hat, on your backpack, or anywhere your heart desired.

Next time I make these (if I ever do) I would a greater variety of colors. I think some of the flowers are just too plain--- white.

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