Etched Bottles

This past November I was in charge of a "Super Saturday" for the women at my church.  We came up with four crafts that they could choose to make.  One of these crafts was to use etching cream and etch on a bottle.  The example I have below is for Dish Soap; however, many of the ladies etched "oil".
There are two ways to do the etching:
1.  Etch the letters (letters will be whitish) The pictures below were done this way.
2.  Etch the background (background will be whitish)  Picture above was done this way.

First, lay the vinyl on the clean, flat glass.  I used the cricut to cut the vinyl.  

Next, use the armor etch to generously cover the surface you want etched.  Make sure that it is fairly even looking.

Wait about thirty or more minutes.  Don't worry about leaving the etching cream on too long.  The longer, the darker the etch.  Wash off the armor etch under a faucet.  Peel away the vinyl and wash again.  Dry with a paper towel!  You're done!

The color of soap I put in the bottle didn't show the etch very well.  Oil or yellow soap works best!

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