Happy Father's Day!

 Happy Father's Day to my Amazing Father and Husband!

We have a camera that takes less than quality pictures and because of this we hardly ever take pictures.  When we do, they never turn out good.  With a baby on the way, Garrett and I decided that we NEEDED to get a quality camera to take pictures and film our cute little addition.  My brother who is amazing behind the camera, DevinSuperTramp (you've got to check him out!!),recommended getting a Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera .  It takes still images and video.  It is fairly pricey, but I figured you can't put a price to precious memories.  For father's day I gave Garrett the camera.  Here are some shots of Garrett's first encounter with the camera.

I can't wait for us to learn how to use the camera better and capture some great footage.

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  1. You look great Lindsay! I totally agree, you can't put a price on memories. I ended up buying Josh a video camera for Christmas before Ava was born and I'm so glad I did, we have video and pictures of her birth and all her fun little milestones, it's been great and I already go back and rewatch them all the time.