Recycled baby wipe container + milk jug lids = toddler entertainment

I always wonder why we spend money buying toys when most of the time our young children just want to play with the kitchen utensils, household items, and everything except toys.  When my son turned one years old he became a lot more interested in playing with toys for longer than 30 seconds.  The early toddler age is when they love to fill containers up and dump them out.  
I made a toy that my son loves out of a recycled baby wipe container and lots of milk jug lids.  Since the time my son was born I have been saving all of our milk jug lids for a variety of learning activities and game.  
I was amazed at how interested my son is in this little activity.  My son loves to put the milk jug lid in the hole of the baby wipe container one by one.  He loves to dump the lids out and start over again.  
While making dinner, I have put him in his high chair with the milk jug lids and baby wipe container.  He keeps himself entertained for quite some time.  

100% FREE & 100% TODDLER FUN

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