Things that Go Birthday Party

It seems like not very long ago I spent tons of time planning a Mr. Potato Head 1st birthday party.  Time sure flies by. My little guy just turned 2.  He has a love for anything with wheels and moves.  He absolutely loves trains, cars, trucks, and airplanes.  With moving, and being extremely busy, we just had a small little family party and I only spent a few hours planning and getting everything ready.

Car Cake:  I am not a cake baker.  I always see adorable cakes that are perfectly smooth made with fondant.  I just am not that good in the baking and decorating department.  Thus, my cakes always look very homemade, but it's the thought that counts.  Rylan loved his car cake.  He was more interested in playing with it than eating it though.

Stoplight Brownies: Bake brownies in a pan.  Let cool.  Cut them into rectangle shapes.  Add a red, yellow, and green m&m to each.  Rylan loved helping with these birthday treats by pushing each m&m down.

Birthday Banner: I didn't have time to be crafty, so I bought a birthday banner from the dollar store and printed, cut out, and taped the vehicles to the banner.  Simple, cheap, and incorporates the theme. (oops, I didn't get a picture of it)

Tablecloth: I bought wrapping paper from the dollar store that had cars, trucks, and airplanes on them.  Then, taped them to the table.

Like I said, these was very low key, simple, and cheap.  Did my little 2 year old have a great time and enjoy the party.  YES!  He got a train set from Grandma that will keep his attention for hours!

I made the "happy birthday" decoration a few years ago and get it out for all of our family members' birthdays,

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