Burp cloths

A year and a half ago I got a sewing machine for Christmas because I have always wanted to learn/be able to sew. Since then I have used my sewing machine maybe three times. I finally got enough motivation to finally use it. I was hesitant at first because I am use to someone looking over my shoulder as I learn to do something new. I wanted to start off with something very simple. My cousin, Jennifer Long, gave me the idea to making baby burp cloths. They are simple, cheap, and cute. I have had a lot of friends have babies lately so I thought burp cloths would be a great thing to learn how to do.
1. Materials needed: material, thread, cloth diapers


  1. VERY CUTE!!!!!!!!! where in the world did you get that fabric!??!

  2. Joanns. The fabric was 2.50 a yard!!!! I didn't realize how good of a deal I was getting until it was too late to buy more of it.