Homemade Sushi

Creighton and Amber

Garrett making Sushi

Garrett and my friends, Amber and Creighton, came over for dinner and games. Amber taught us how to make Sushi and Peruvian food. It was so much fun! The food tasted amazing.
This are the ingredients:
* Sticky Rice (Special Sushi Rice???)
* Chopped up carrots
* Pre-cooked shrimp
* Avocados
* Dry Seaweed

We took the seaweed and cut it into half. Then we put the rice, carrots, shrimp, and avocados on the seaweed. Next, wet the edge of the seaweed and roll it up. Wetting it helps the seaweed stay wrapped. Next, use a knife to cut the seaweed into sections. It was so delicious!

Creighton and Amber playing X-box, so intently ;)

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