Kool-Aid Playdough

At the beginning of the school year I made homemade playdough for all of my students. I made it with Kool-Aid and made a variety of batches that were different colors. I then rolled up small balls in one color and then wrapped the ball with another color so that you couldn't see the previous color of playdough. I put each ball into a plastic bag and gave each of my students a bag. I told them that if the play dough changed colors after they played with it then they were going to have a great school year. It was fun watching their excitement as they were amazed by the playdough changing colors.

Here is the Kool-Aid playdough recipe:

*2 1/2 cups flour
*1/2 cup salt
*2 pkg. of unsweetened Kool-Aid
*3 T. oil
*2 Cups boiling water

Mix everything together. It will be lumpy and sticky for a while. As soon as it is cool enough, knead it with your hands til it looks like playdough! If it is still too sticky, add a little flour and salt and work it in.
* Don't double the batch because it makes the playdough not turn out as well.

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