Yogurt Pops

I got this cake pop pan as a gift for Christmas a year ago from one of my students.  I was so excited when I opened it and couldn't wait to use it.  Fast forward,one year, it sat under my oven still never been used.  I was just too nervous to give it a try.  Now I know why.  I tried making cake pops and it was a complete fail.  I followed a recipe that came with the pan and it made the cake hard and disgusting.  I ended up throwing all the cake pops away, lost 2 hours of my day, made a huge mess of my kitchen, and very frustrated.  I was so excited for this cake pop adventure and was disappointed with my ULTIMATE fail. 

I love yogurt and frozen treats.  I've seen people put yogurt into a Ziploc plastic bag, cut the tip, and squeeze dots.  They then freeze them for a cool healthy treat.  I thought it would be fun to make yogurt pops instead.  


1. Put the flavor of yogurt you want into a bag.  I used strawberry and peach. I made some that were all strawberry and some half strawberry and half peach.   Cut the tip off the bag (make it very small).

2.  Squeeze the yogurt into the pan.  Once the yogurt fills the spheres completely, shake the pan to cause the yogurt to compact.  Fill up the spheres some more. Do this a few times until you feel like the spheres are full of yogurt.  (I didn't do this step very well, so my yogurt pops sunk and weren't a complete sphere. 
3.  Put the sticks in the yogurt and freeze.  I left them in over night. 

4.  Take the pan out of the freezer.  Let them sit out for a few minutes and then take the top off.  If the pops don't come out of the bottom easily you can put it over warm water or put it on the warm stove for just a second.  
5.  I wrapped them with cellophane and tied them with a bow.

They melt fairly fast, so you don't want to keep them out too long.  

These are a great snack and very fun.  If you are going for just the taste and not the look you may as well freeze a go-gurt. But if you want a cute and fun treat I would recommend these.

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