Banana Cream Pudding Pie

I love easy desserts.  It isn't worth it to me to spend half the day slaving away in the kitchen to make a yummy treat.  It seems like whenever I make a dessert that takes a long time and dirties a lot of dishes, I am exhausted afterwards and am not really able to enjoy the treat.    In the past I would feel more accomplished and a better homemaker if I made desserts 100% from scratch and spent a lot of time in the kitchen making it.  I am getting smarter the older I get, and I now realize that my time is precious and you don't have to make everything from scratch to have food taste delicious.  The simplicity and taste of this banana cream pudding pie is what makes this dessert so perfect.  Banana cream pudding pie takes less than 10 minutes to make and not much longer to set.  

   2 Bananas
   Ready Graham Cracker Crust
   5.1 oz (large) box Instant banana cream pudding
   2 cups Milk
   Whip Cream

   Slice bananas and put a layer of bananas on the bottom of the ready Graham Cracker crust.  Prepare banana cream pudding as directed on the box.  Pour instant pudding into crust, on top of bananas.  Refrigerate until firm (about 20 minutes).  You can put sliced bananas on top of the pie right before you serve if you would like. Top with whip cream.

That's all?  Yep!  You now only have one pan, one spoon, and one knife to wash.  :)  You also probably have some extra time to yourself with your kids.

What are your favorite simple desserts?          


  1. This looks really good! I love that it seems easy to make. Pinned this for later! :)

    I love to bake but prefer desserts that are quick like chocolate chip cookies. :)

  2. i love banana cream pie, great post!!!