Outdoor Toddler Learning Activities

It's summer and my busy toddler loves being outside.  We are in the process of selling our home and try to keep it in immaculate condition most of the time.  This can be challenging with a little boy who just wants to have fun and play with all of his toys.  I have found myself trying to keep our little guy out of my way more often so I can focus on a spotless house.  I have realized that I need to get my most important focus back on track and plan daily activities for us to do outside.  This way our house will stay clean and Rylan will be happy he gets to be outside.

Here are a few fun activities:

1.  Water balloon Fun:  Blow up water balloons in different colors.  Talk about the different colors of balloons while playing.  Play catch, throw them through a small basketball hoop, see how high in the air they can go.  Skills: Colors, gross motor
2. Car Painting:  Tape down a long sheet of paper.  I used the back side of wrapping paper.  Have your child dip the cars into the paint and drive around on the paper.  You can create a car track around the paper or a start and finish line.

3.Ice Cube Painting: Fill ice trays with water and a drop of food coloring in each cube.  Once they harden, let your kids paint on paper with ice. Skills: Colors, fine motor, written language

4. Fishing for Letters: Fill a kiddie pool or large bowl with magnetic letters.  Let your child fish for the letters with a magnetic fishing rod.  Skills: Hand eye coordination, concentration, letters, colors

5. Chalk: Talk about the colors, what you are drawing, and write letters or names.  Skills: Fine motor, written language, colors, numbers, words

6. Bubbles: I never understood why bubbles were so popular until I had a toddler of my own.  I am amazed at the love children have for bubbles.  We incorporate counting by counting each bubble that Rylan pops.  Skills: Gross motor, counting

7.Water bombs: Cut up sponges and attach together to make balls that you can soak up with water to make water bombs.  Throw them at targets or play catch.

8. Water beads: You can buy water beads at The Dollar Tree.  There are so many different things your child can do with these beads that will him or her busy for hours.

What are some things that you do to keep your active toddler busy and out of trouble?

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