Halloween Frame

I don't have many Halloween decorations around my house so I was browsing around Pinterest for a quick and easy project.  I got this clever idea from A diamond in the stuff blog.   It was a fun and cheap project.  

All you need is:
* A One dollar frame from Michaels

 *1 or 2 packages of google eyes from The Dollar Tree
* Paint and brushes

To make this eye catching frame I first painted the entire frame lime green.  Once the frame was dried I glued on eyes, and more eyes.  You can put a picture in the frame, but I decided to just cut out some black paper and use white stickers to write Happy Halloween.  I then glued a piece of green ribbon and embellished it with a spider that I bought from Michaels.  

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  1. Cute Idea. I love it. Such a talented girl you are.