Mummified Pizzas

Garrett had class Halloween night.  I hurried home from work so we could have dinner together.  We only had a few minutes to make these mummified pizzas, so they aren't the best looking- but you get the idea.

What you need: English Muffins, pizza sauce, pepperonis, sliced olives, white cheese (we used pepper jack)


  1. Lindsay, you amaze me with all of your creativity. You obviously take after your mama! :)

  2. I almost made something similar for my pumpkin painting party. Parent's magazine had a great article on Halloween food this year and made these using french bread, cut into smaller rectangles (cheaper than english muffins!) Pizza sauce, then strips of Mozzarella, two olives as the eyes, and then one last strip of Mozzarella diagonally covering a portion of the eyes. Throw it in the oven to broil. GREAT for parties. I love your take on it using the english muffins.