Baby's Room

We only have a two bedroom home so space is pretty really tight. We turned our office/treadmill room into a baby room too! Half of the room has a treadmill and Garrett's desk so he can study study and study some more.  The other half is all for Rylan.  The room use to be an ugly brownish/yellowish color, which was the original color when we moved into our home.  This summer while I was gone to Nevada, Garrett painted the room.  We love how it turned out.  Two of the walls are Hallowed Hush (blueish color) and the other two walls are a cream color.  I was at my friend, Carly's house and she had the Hallowed Hush color in her living room.  It was love at first sight!  I had been searching for the perfect blue/green color for the room and this was just the color I wanted.  Thanks Carly!  Picking paint colors is always so tough for me. It is so hard to decide on a color based off of a 2 inch square.  It was nice to see a room painted in the color and gave me more confidence in picking paint.  

My parents gave us the crib and my mom and her three sisters (my amazing aunts) gave us the turtle coral reef bedding and room decor. I cut out the brown vinyl lettering with a cricut.  The shelf is from Ikea.  and it doubles as a changing table.  I bought the green tub from a garage sale for $1.  It is perfect for holding blankets and burp clothes.  

We love how the room turned out. It's amazing how the color and decorations of a room change the atmosphere 100%!  After the room was finished I loved to just sit and look.  However, I think it had to do more with anticipating the arrival of our baby then the look of the room :)

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  1. I love his nursery! What a cute theme! And I really like the wall color too, good pick!