Birthday Freebies

My birthday is coming up so I put together a list of my favorite birthday freebies. Enjoy!

100% free, no work beforehand, just show ID on your Birthday:
1.  Iceburg:  Free shake
2. Firehouse Sub: Free medium Firehouse sub
3. Denny's: Free Grand Slam breakfast.

100% free or buy one, get one free after signing up:
Go to their website, sign up, and they will email you a coupon. These coupons don't have to be used on your birthday.  Most are good for the week before and after your birthday.  Some are even good for your entire birthday month. 
1.  Red Robin- Join Red Robin's eClub and get a free burger
2. Tucanos- Join Tucano's birthday club and get a free meal for your birthday.  This one will be mailed to your home, usually at the beginning of your birthday month and can be used anytime throughout the month. Tucanos is a very good Brazillian restaurant.  You can eat all the meat you have ever dreamed of.  It is 15-22 dollars depending what time of the day you go.  It is a little pricier than what we like to pay to go out to eat, but when we get a free meal it is so worth paying for the other person.
3. Sephora: Sign up for Beauty Insiders and receive a complimentary gift during your birthday month.
4. Coldstone:  Join the Coldstone Club and enjoy a free ice cream around your birthday.  It is a buy one get one free coupon.
5. Del Taco: Join the Raving Fan eClub and receive a coupon via email for a free shake.
6. A&W: Join A&W's Mug Club and enjoy a free Root beer float.
7. Noodles & Company: Join Nooodles & Company's Noodlegram to receive a free noodle bowl. has a long list of birthday freebies. Check it out.

What are your favorite birthday freebies or deals? Do you have any that I can add to the list?


  1. I am thinking a little more after you asked me last night and if you sign up on the Victoria's Secret mailing list you can get $10 off $10. Great for perfume, makeup or whatever you want. I always go get something for free with the $10 off $10! Dairy Queen gives you a free blizzard on your bday but you have to be signed up. Im pretty sure Famous Dave's gives you a free meal too. I always always get a free meal from IHOP too. You can also get a free drink at Starbucks, but it has to be ON your birthday.

    1. Awesome Stacie! Thanks for your great advice.

  2. Archibalds @ Gardner Village does the free meal. :) that's our favorite! And yes, famous Daves does too. Chili's & Tgi Fridays and Texas Roadhouse and those kind of places will give coupons for free apps or desserts too :). Of course of you sign up for their mailing lists. I set up a filter in my email & around my birthday is the only time I check them. Or if I want a coupon to go out to eat. :)

    1. Aimee, Thanks for sharing all those tips. Does Archibalds have to be on your actual birthday?