Camping at Maple Reservoir

We went with our friends, Amber and Creighton, camping up Payson Canyon. We had a great time. The weather was perfect and we got to enjoy crickets chirping and frogs croaking as we looked out at the reservoir.

We had delicious tin foil dinners.

Creighton and Amber decided to float the reservoir. They must have not enjoyed it enough because afterwards they had to push each other in the lake and get soaking wet. Thus, they had to change- hence the funny outfits ;)
While these two were enjoying the water, Garrett and I (mainly Garrett) enjoyed shooting guns.

Garrett has a great shot. It was fun watching him shoot a watermelon, causing it to fly up high in the air and explode into tons of pieces.

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  1. Ha ha Ha I love the pictures Linds.... and just to clarify Creighton and Amber did love the reservoir!... so much that they decided to go back in :)