Quiet Book

Last summer I wanted to learn how to sew and work on a crafty project. After searching around on blogs I came across Oopsey Daisy's blog. She has a lot of examples of quiet book pages and they looked so adorable and easy (little did I know). A few days later my Aunt Jan mentioned to me that she also wanted to make a quiet book. So we got together and planned out the pages we wanted in our books, went shopping for all of our supplies, and got to work. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. The first problem was that we were making a total of 7 quiet books! That's a lot!!!!

Aunt Jan and I cutting out all of the pages.

We spent many hours slaving away on these books. It was very time consuming and overwhelming. We decided to put the pages on hold and take a break. I started working on the pages a little bit in my free time. But they started to become a burden rather than an enjoyable free time activity. When my mom came to town she helped me finish up the pages. She is a life saver! I wish I got a fraction of her crafty talents. While the pages are nos finished, I haven't bound them into a book. I am waiting until I know who I am giving them to so I can customize the covers.

Shoe Page
Skill: Tying a shoe
Weaving Page:
Skill: Weaving (over, under, over, under), fine motor skills

Mailbox Page:
Skill: Imaginative Play, Writing letters
It opens, When I know who the book is for I want to make a little card and envelop and stitch a message on in.
Car Page:
Skill: Imaginative play, motor skills
Number Page:
Skill: counting, fine motor (moving beads)
Flower Page:
Skill: Buttoning, Tying a bow

Apple Tree Page:
Skill: Snaps (fine motor), counting

Shape Page:
Skill: Shapes

Mirror Page:
Skill: Looking cute ;) , facial expressions

Gumball Machine Page:
Skill: Colors

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