Walmart Trip

There are a lot of strategies to saving money. It really is a learned skill. It's amazing how much I have learned since the first time I used a coupon. I am getting a lot better at saving money and doing it quickly. When I started couponing it would take me a while to figure out what I am doing. Today's trip to Walmart was quick and painless! While I don't like shopping at Walmart for a few reasons, I keep going there to shop because they price match. Yesterday I looked at all the grocery ads and made a list of everything I needed. I write down the item, the store, the page of the ad, and the cost of each item. So today when I went to Walmart I quickly grabbed all my items and went to check out. I told the cashier how much each item was and if she questioned it then I showed her the ad. After she rang up everything then I gave her my coupons.

I spent a total of 23.63 (before taxes)

Let me break it down for you:
4 bricks of Tillamook Cheese (My favorite and lasts a long time): $3.99 each ($15.96)
Tomatoes: $0.50
White Nectarines: $0.45
White peaches: $0.40 ($ 0.13 after coupon)
Peaches: $0.75
Green Onions: $0.50
Lettuce: $0.88
Cantolope: $0.83 (free after coupon)
Yogurt: Free
2 batteries: + $0.03
Travel Body wash: +$1.03
6 boxes of cereal: $1.49 each ($8.94) -> $1.15/ Box (after coupons)
2 bags of m&m's: Free

I used a bunch of coupons with the cereal-
*(2) Free bag of m&m's w/ purchase of 2 boxes of Rice Krispies
* $1.00 off fresh fruit with purchase of Kellogg's cereal
* 1.00 off two boxes of Rice Krispies
*1.00 off two boxes of Special K

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