Freezer Pleasers!

Garrett has been wanting a freezer for a very long time. The other day I was cruising around KSL and I found a great deal for a freezer. It looked practically brand new and was the perfect size. An added bonus was that it was just around the corner from our house. We had to stack our washer and dryer to make room for the freezer. We actually switched the washer and dryer with the freezer after we took this picture.

You can't have a freezer with nothing in it, so I have been shopping and cooking like crazy. I bought a ton of meat to freeze and cooked lasagna, deluxe mashed potatoes, and chicken rolls to freeze.
I made 32 chicken rolls. They are so delicious and great to just take out of the freezer and heat up in the microwave. Then top it off with some gravy.

We have a cookbook that has some good recipes but the pictures are terrible and make all the food look disgusting. I always comment on the poor quality of pictures. Now I am posting low quality pictures that make the food that I bake look less then appealing. I apologize. My brother Devin took all the photography genes.

Lasagna: Trust me, this lasagna taste much better then it looks in picture

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  1. wow looks AWESOME! I didnt know they made upright freezers like that. Hopefully I can find a good deal on one like that on KSL soon