13 Busy Bag Activities

  I taught 2nd grade for a little over 4 years.  Once my son Rylan was born I decided to stop teaching so I could stay home with him and be his teacher :)  While teaching, I met some amazingly talented people who I also call my friends.  Two of my friends, Vanessa and Kim, put together a Busy Bag Swap.
     A Busy Bag Swap is when you form a group of 10 or so people.  Each person picks a quiet activity to make that will entertain children and that is portable.  They make enough of the same activity for each person in the group to get one.  You later meet and swap your activities with each other.  You end up making 10 or so of the same activity to share with others and get different activities in return.  It is a great way to get some great activities for your children and to keep them entertained at home, church, or in the car.
     After participating in my first busy bag swap, I decided to hold another busy bag swap with gals from church.  I figured church is one of the best places to use busy bags to keep kids quiet and busy.  Posted below are the busy bags that were created and swapped around with the gals from church.  I made one of the activities below.  All others were created by my friends.   Soon, I will post the activities that were swapped with my friends from school.

1. Magnetic Fishing

2. I Spy 

3. Letter Building

4. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

5. Foam Shape Match-up

6. Foam Lacing

7. Button Snake

8. Sticky Sticks

9. Matching Color Shades

10. Sandpaper Yarn Art

11. Popsicle Stick Puzzle

12. Doll Dress Up

13. Number Match


  1. LOVE these ideas. I am going to get busy and make all of them for Kaelynn! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. I like all your cute ideas. I would love to make some busy bags. Katie @ thecreativebubble.com

  3. @Katie Thanks for visiting and your comment. You should definitely make some busy bags. Your kids will love them.