Sandpaper Yarn Art Busy Bag

       I love this busy bag activity because children often get tired of practicing their spelling words, writing, and numbers with a pencil and paper.  This busy bag activity provides children a hands on opportunity that is more fun and exciting.  There are endless possibilities with the sandpaper yarn busy bag.

Materials: Sandpaper, duck tape, yarn

To Make: I laminated card-stock paper and then put the sandpaper on the laminated paper.  This made the sandpaper sturdier.  To hold everything together I duck taped the edges.  Cut a variety of lengths of yarn.  I bought multicolored  yarn.  This way I could have a variety of colors and not tons of yarn laying around my house.  I then created a paper of things the children make with the yarn; including: shapes, letters, numbers, and different designs.

To Use/Play: Children stick the yarn on the sandpaper to make different letters, numbers, shapes, and designs.

Skills: numbers, letters, spelling, copying/transferring

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