Stick Puzzle Busy Bag Activity

Project Credit: Brittany Taylor

Puzzles are great for children.  They are not only fun but are great for the brain.  Stick Puzzles are wonderful because they are simple and cheap to make.  You can make a variety of them including family, religious, and cartoon pictures.  

Materials: Large popsicle sticks or tongue depressors, glue or mod podge , pictures, craft knife

To Make: Line up all the sticks.  Apply glue or mod podge to the back of the picture and place on sticks.  Once the picture is dry you can apply another coat of mod podge on top. Once dry, use a craft knife to cut in between each stick.  Cut from the back side so you can see what you are cutting better.

To Use/Play: Mix up the sticks and try to put the puzzle together.

Skills: spatial awareness, fine motor skills, hand eye coordination

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